My modern dance internship @ „4Arts“ Foundation in Amsterdam

I came to the Netherlands alone, but from the first day I had an amazing tutor who helped me in all situations.
My internship in „4Arts“ Foundation lasted 
2 months. I had a possibillity to be in the capitale of the Netherlands – Amsterdam. It means that I saw the newest kinds of dance art. I had classes taught by 25 different ballet teachers, modern dance, hiphop and others, interviews with people active in the Netherlands in the field of dance, attending performances by Dutch dance companies, attending rehearsals of productions, creating a piece and perform for the Open Stage program in Amsterdam, attending a workshop from Krisztina de Chatel and performing in the Hague. Besides, I was assisting dance teachers, observing and assisting the company director and attending his meetings. 
I gained more knowledge about creating choreographies, organization science, business administration, as a performer and choreographer. But I recieved not only those things in my life. Besides the experience and the development from an artistic point of view, I gained a lot of life experience in 2 months. I am comming with a lot of new future plans and  I am glad that I was brave to come here. And if somebody is reading this, I want to wish you to be brave too, because your sucsses depends on you.

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