Market Research Trainee internship in Spain with Innovindia (July 2015-October 2015)

My internship period started on July 1st and ended by October 30th. I was serving the host company as a market research trainee. As a fresher who just graduated from university, Erasmus internship was the best choice that came to my mind after thinking and analyzing several other options. This was a great period to put into practice the academic things I have studied , gain myself professional experience and to look unto future with the better experience I have know.

My mentor, Gipson Varghese was a really cool guy who was always there for me helping out and guiding me to get the richest experience I could have in this short spa of 4 months. As a market research trainee, my tasks involved analyzing possible collaboration opportunities between European and Indian firms, preparing drafts and various other activities. During the internship I got the opportunity to meet several companies to talk about business opportunities, collaboration and so on, and there were really good responses from companies which made me and my host company even more happier.

I cannot believe how fast time flew over these few months. I was in doubt to choose for Erasmus internship, but I made the right choice. If anyone is reading this, I just want to say to you ‘go for it’. You will have the best experience, memories and time of your life. I could not have achieved this without the help from my university and Partners4value. I thank them for their support and guidance from the very beginning 🙂

yours truly,

Roshi Philip Nerianthara

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