Junior Web Developer in Slovakia

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Start: August/September 2018 Duration: 5 months minimum

Working language: English

This internship is a part of the Placement Slovakia program. All applying candidates have to be confirmed to receive an Erasmus+ learning agreement by their education institution covering the whole internship period.

Company profile: This internship would be for a small IT start-up company which has developed a succesfull online business management software, an integrated solution of CRM, project management and sales tracking.

Position description:
– Implementation of new technologies,
– Creating and updating existing modules of company products,
– New technologies possibly used as company products testing.
– Higher education student in IT
– Programming in object oriented language such as C++, Java, etc.
– C style
– Knowledge of SQL database language
– Javascript knowledge, HTML, CSS, PHP.
– Good level of English language
Knowledge and skills the trainee can learn during the internship: A trainee will get an opportunity to work by himself, to create new ideas and deepen the knowledge of the programming languages. Benefits:
– Free accommodation provided
– Standard support by our team. For more information check our website www.placementslovakia.com
Interested candidates please apply by submitting an online application form at www.placementslovakia.com We look forward to hearing from you!

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