JOBLINGE Programme (JOBLINGE gemeinnützige AG Köln)

  • Name of Organization: JOBLINGE Programme (JOBLINGE gemeinnützige AG Köln)
  • Country: Germany
  • email:
  • Name: Petra
  • Surname: Balzer
  • Position: Standortleitung / Prokurist
  • Full Address: Hansaring 68, 50670 Köln, Germany
  • Phone: Phone (mob.): 0176 1 68 68 68 1
  • Web page:
  • Short profile: Joblinge is a six-month program targeting challenged youths who have left high school and are having difficulty securing a full-time job. A typical participant in the program is 20 years old, is an ethnic minority, and has an unstable personal background. Many lack role models and parental or peer support. The program attempts to instill not just specific, job-related skills but also broader “life” skills, attitudes, and values, such as respect for authority and perseverance.
    The initiative, Joblinge, is an innovative public-private partnership developed and implemented in Germany by BCG and BMW’s Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation. The program applies a unique, multisector approach to tackle the unemployment among youths—particularly among youths from disadvantaged backgrounds.
    As a platform, Joblinge mobilizes all relevant stakeholders in society: public authorities, private enterprises, and individuals. In particular, it places heavy emphasis on providing youths with practical experience and one-on-one mentoring—two elements that we consider vital to a successful outcome.
    Although the program, launched in 2008, remains in its nascency, it has already demonstrated impressive results. Indeed, of the more than 160 participants who have embarked on the program to date, more than 70 percent have successfully completed it and secured a full-time job with 1 of the 100 companies that have partnered with Joblinge. This success has encouraged us to expand the program’s footprint: a third Joblinge branch, in Berlin, was launched in 2010, and further is expansion planned.
  • Number of students for internship in 2014: 1
  • Preferred starting date: January – May, 2015
  • Duties, responsibilities and tasks of intern/-s: Will be designed according to intern’s profile and the needs of the organisation.
  • Minimum study level: Last year of Bachelor degree / Master studies
  • Study Areas/Specialization: Broad spectrum of study programmes (including social work, business, social marketing etc.)
  • Desired Qualifications and Skills (Desired profile): Communication skills, ability to work independently and in a team, previous experience of work in youth sector or an NGO would be a plus.
  • Duration of the Internship: 4 months
  • Working Language of Receiving Organisation: German
  • Additional Language Requirements (if applicable): Ability to speak good English and any other language is a plus.
  • The number of pre-selected candidate CVs: 2-4
  • Required documents: Motivation letter

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