Italijos ir Lietuvos prekybos rūmai / Camera di Commercio Italo-Lituana

  • Name of Organization: Italijos ir Lietuvos prekybos rūmai / Camera di Commercio Italo-Lituana
  • Country: Italy
  • email:
  • Name: Ieva
  • Surname: Gaižutytė
  • Position: President
  • Full Address: Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 6, 00195, Roma
  • Phone: + 39 347 33 45 529
  • Web page:
  • Short profile: The Italian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce is a bilateral organization that operates on the Italian and Lithuanian markets, promoting and strengthening economic relations and cooperation between the two countries.
    The Italian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (It. La Camera di Commercio Italo-Lituana) is a non-profit organization, born in August 2009. The Chamber started its official activities on 5 December 2011, when it was recognised with the decree by the Ministries of Economic Development and of Foreign Affairs as well as approved during the annual conference by the Italian Chambers of Commerce and supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Italy. It is the only organization of its kind that has received from the Italian government the official permission to represent the bilateral business relationships between Italy and Lithuania.
    As a member of the Italian Chambers of Commerce, an organization that unites more than a hundred Italian Chambers of Commerce, the Italian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce participates in all initiatives, aimed at strengthening its world-wide network, and, offering best services possible, strictly adheres to its standard of perfection.
  • Number of students for internship in 2015: 1
  • Preferred starting date: September, 2015
  • Duties, responsibilities and tasks of intern/-s: To contribute to wide range of organisation’s activities.
  • Minimum study level: Last year of Bachelor degree / Master studies
  • Study Areas/Specialization: Economics, Finance
  • Desired Qualifications and Skills (Desired profile): Strong motivation to work for the Chamber, interest in bilateral economic relations, ability to work in a team and individually, communication skills, ability to communicate in Italian language.
  • Duration of the Internship: 4 months (full-time)
  • Working Language of Receiving Organisation:: English
  • Additional Language Requirements (if applicable): Italian
  • The number of pre-selected candidate CVs: 2-3
  • Required documents: Motivation letter

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