Intership in Munchhausen Production


Ruta Kumpikaite


As I am an active person my main goal was to explore as much as possible and to achieve best results in unknown field. After graduating VMU I became professional theatre actress and started to work on different projects.

While having intership in Riga Munchhausen Production office I experienced a way different things as here I got possibility to be behind the scenes. This intership showed me how big industries are working in a creative field. Now I’m feeling stronger while making my own decisions, I gained new skills and met interesting people.

Not to forget to mention, here, in Riga, I was discovered from a differend sides as well. I started to work in recording studio and remembered my old dream to be  photo model. Probably sometimes even 200 km can make a big difference in your attitudes of live.

To sum it up, Riga- wonderfuly beautiful international city- was my first independent step in grownup world and I’m thankful for that.


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