Internship in Sweden

Alina Romanovskaja

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Vilnius University, I have decided to take the opportunity and participate in ERASMUS+ program.

Everything started from the wish to try to work abroad. During my Master studies, I found out the opportunity of taking part in ERASMUS+ internship program and decided to take this chance. I started searching for internship opportunities in Sweden as it was one of the countries I always wanted to explore from within. To be honest, it was quite a challenge to find a proper place for the internship, but I have finally succeeded in finding the right place for completing my internship. While surfing the Internet, I have come across a very interesting offer provided by Western Union company. After some three months spent at WU Sweden’s office, I can now say that it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life and an invaluable experience I was blessed to have.

During my internship period, I have spent great time being a member of the best team in Sweden. I was involved in communication with different talented people from different departments and countries Western Union is present in. I was a member of Network & Sales Support team and performed tasks such as taking care of contracts and other documents sent in by the Sales team in the Nordics. Moreover, I took full ownership of fraud protection as well as resolution process – from suspicion to activation. I was working towards a productive network with daily tasks and projects. Working on improvement in daily processes between departments with a goal of having time efficient processes amongst all Western Union departments aligned and up to date was one of my duties as well.  

I can confess I have fallen in love with living in a multi-cultural environment. Apart from daily job routine, I had a chance to familiarize myself with Swedish culture, meet new people and built connections, both business and personal ones.

To sum up, international experience is invaluable and is something everyone should seek for in order to be successful in the rapidly globalizing modern world. Erasmus+ project is really an enjoyable opportunity for all students. It’s high time to develop your skills internationally! That is why I strongly encourage everyone to grasp this opportunity and experience new professional and cultural environments. Broaden your horizons, keep on developing yourself and never stop learning.



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