Internship in Spain

Viktorija Banelytė

Challenges – it is something that every person needs in their life. Challenges help one improve, learn and grow. After the graduation from the Lithuanian fillology and Spanish language bachelor studies I decided to accept the new challenge – to prove my skills in a new environment.

Thus I didn‘t wait long and straight after the graduation on September I moved to Spain for my ERASMUS+ graduate internship at the ‘Cloud Incubator Hub’ in Cartagena, Spain.

At ‘Cloud Incubator Hub’ I had a chance to get to know and dive into a completely new field for me – a business field. I learned not only new business terms and definitions, but also had a chance to improve my Spanish and English language skills while working on the translations of the publications from English to Spanish. Also I had an opportunity to participate in a training course of the project ‘Girl Power Murcia’ , where I gained a lot of hands on experience and a practical knowledge.

I learned to work on various e-learning, web and app design platforms and programs such as ‘Prestashop’, ‘Wordpress’, ‘Moodle’, ‘Appinventor’. Also I participated in various business conferences.

I am really happy and thankful for the opportunity to implement my internship at ‘Cloud Incubator Hub’, as it relates to my future career vision and goals. Overall the internship turned out to be a big though priceless challenge that I will never forget of.





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