Internship in Spain, Cartagena

Justina Karalytė

I was really lucky to get a chance to travel to the beautiful maritime city of Spain, Cartagena, and spend here three unforgettable moths.

Erasmus +internship in Cloud Incubator HUB at Polytechnic University of Cartagena for me was full of experience. Firstly here I have become acquainted with a fairly little known  for me up to now business field and a lot of terminology that comes with it. Moreover I was participating in  „Girl Power Murcia“ business related courses, specially designed for women who have interesting, innovative ideas and want to create and manage their own business. During these courses we have learned how to create our own websites where we can put our idea to reality and present it to the world. In my case it was a translation website whose purpose is translate from English to Spanish and vice versa using computing system called „Watson“. Now I am even thinking about coming back to Cartagena and creating my own company of translation with my friend with whom we were doing practice together. Secondly I have greatly improved my Spanish language skills while working in groups with colleagues: preparing presentations and solving problems that we encountered. I am also glad that I had the opportunity to get to know colloquial Spanish during conversations with my friends from the University. In this way I was practicing everyday Spanish language that nobody teaches you in any educational institutions.

In the end I can  say that during these three months I have learned more than during all of my life. After my internship I am left with an idea that a positive attitude to life can actually be permanent somewhere and that in some places people are enjoying life and are proud of who they are no matter what. Now I  am eager to comeback to Cartagena where I got really attached to  all the kind, relaxed and willing to help people. I also can not help but mention unique and breathtaking Cartagena’s landscape that I will miss and which I have captured in a lot of my photos. There is no way I am not coming back.



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