Internship at SezginMarble company in Izmir, Turkey.

Dovilė Vyšniauskaitė

As a graduate of turkology in Vilnius University, I was looking for companies based in Izmir city as I did my previous erasmus exchange over there.  (Izmir is a wonderful and most open minded city in Turkey). Though my studies were more humanitarian type, I never saw myself there. Business, trade, logistics and management were my desired fields and post graduate internship gave me the opportunity to try myself there.

I spent almost 6 months in SezginMarble company. They were focusing on stone trade and export. My duties included customer care, searching for new clients, promotion of the products. And I really liked it! I learned a lot of new things about business, logistics, loadings, market prices and whole stone industry. The company accepted me very warmly and those 6 months passed by like a week.

Post graduate internship helped me to realize my strengths and in which fields I am good at. Now I’m more confident about my future career as I know where I want to be and what to do. To participate in this program was one of my best choices that I made.










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