Internship in Sardinia

Paulina Molotokaitė

This summer I have spent in Sardinia, in an amazing island of Italy. I have spent the Erasmus+ traineeship in Sassari, in a second city of Sardinia, for 3 months. I was doing my practice in an International bookshop Koinè. My traineeship was focused on the bookshop management with reference to sails, booking orders and improving my communication skills with the customers. It was an unforgettable experience and I will never regret my decision to take the chance of participating in Erasmus program as a recent graduate, due to this experience I have improved not only Italian language knowledges, but also this international experience helpped me to grow as a person.

The oppurtunity to do internship in the bookshop Koinè was very important for me, because everyday I was speaking in Italian language, wich was the main object of my studies in VMU (Vytautas Magnus University). As I mentioned before, during internship period I improved not only my language skills, but I also could practically see the bookshop management and customer relations. Furthemore, I gained experience in a team work and cooperation in an international environment.

While these three months,  the only thing I regret that I didin‘t choose to do an internship for a longer period. In Sardinia I built a lot of bridges and met wonderful people. Most of the time of my free time as I was in this lovely island, I spent on traveling. I visited some of the most spectacular natural wonders and I became more open-minded to other cultures and now I could say that I feel more European.

All in all I highly recommend for everyone to participate in Erasmus+ program, because it increases your proficiency of foreign languages afterwards you become more independent and grow personally.







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