Internship in Sardinia

 Emilija Umbrasaitė

I am Emilija Umbrasaitė and I worked all summer as an intern, book consultant, in a bookstore “Il labirinto” in a city center of Alghero, Sardinia.

Alghero is a small town with a population of 44 000 people. There are a lot of beaches, bars, restaurants and in summer the city is always alive. I enjoyed that the bookstore is placed in a city center, it is always filled with people, I was always occupied with clients.

In the bookstore I communicated with clients, helped my colleagues to prepare for book presentations with famous Italian authors, organized books. After 4 months I can proudly say that I learned a lot. In the time of my internship I learned better Italian, got to know work process in a bookstore, met new friendly people and worked with amazing members of a family, that I can now call my friends.  Now it seems to me that I know about Italian authors more than Lithuanian ones. In book presentations I saw Italian authors such as Bianca Pitzorno (who writes books for children), Marcello Fois (who was nominated for this years literature award “Strega”), Flavio Soriga, Andrej Longo, Francesco Sole (a famous “youtuber” in Italy), Paolo Crepet (famous Italian psychologist).

I am the happiest about the thing that I worked and spent my time with the owners of the bookstore – a friendly, nice and generous family. I made strong connections with my mentor and her parents. I celebrated with them Assumption of Mary (august 15th), we traveled and visited together other cities in North Sardinia. Most of the time that I spent with them was fun and adventurous. I wish I could see them again in a beautiful and sunny island of Sardinia.


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