My internship in the Italian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (Rome)

Hi, may name is Ieva and for the past 3 months I did an internship in the Italian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce.

It was my mandatory internship before graduating from the University and most of my classmates were doing internships in Lithuania. Having participated in the Erasmus programme once, I was certain that I would like to use this opportunity again.

After spotting the internship announcement of the Chamber of Commerce I didn’t think twice. It was really the best decision of my life. The staff was friendly and international, I had lots of opportunities to meet business men from all over the Italy and on weekends we went exploring the most beautiful city in the world, trying out new dishes and meeting locals. We took over the relaxed Italian mentality. Since I was sharing the apartment with an Italian, I had a priceless opportunity to improve my language and pasta making skills :))

Thus, if you are still doubting about going for an international internship, stop it right now, because there is a whole new world out there with great people waiting for you 🙂

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