Internship at the Public Relations Office of Municipality of Sassari

Giedrė Gurskytė

Before choosing a place for the Erasmus+ internship, I set several goals for myself: to comprehend the opportunity of working in an international team, improve my Italian language skills, gain relevant experience for my future career and have an unforgettable summer. Now, when everything is over, I can tell that this internship exceeded all of my expectations and helped me to reach set goals.

I had an amazing chance to work as a trainee at the Public Relations Office of Municipality of Sassari. The main tasks were to provide necessary information about various offices of Sassari for locals and visitors of the city during the public hours. I also participated in doing back-office tasks like registering various data to the database, preparing required documents and brochures, updating new posts to the website. What is more, I was also asked to create a guide for foreigners in the Lithuanian language, it was an incredible experience working in a translation field.

Most of my colleagues were Italians and I had a chance to improve the Italian language skills.  After those 4 months working at the Public Relations Office, I feel that I learnt the Italian language more than during 4 years studying at the university.

During my free time, I was exploring the island. Sardinia is a wonderful place to live in. There is everything  you will ever need, from crystal clear waters to sandy beaches. The weather is perfect and it gives you a chance to relax and enjoy the life in an island. There are also mountains with various hiking trails for those who are keen on active lifestyle. I definitely felt in love with this marvellous island.

I really appreciate this traineeship and the whole time spent in Sardinia. I believe it was an unforgettable experience working and living  in a different country with particular culture and open-minded people. Miss you, Sardinia!





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