Internship in Portugal

Greta Pundzaitė

Internship in general is one of the most valuable things that a person entering the world of working could have and internship in another country, culture is bringing this experience to the higher level. Having few months of practice in a cinema production company led me to the wider understanding not just about the industry itself, but also about the specific way of functioning while working in Portugal and with Portuguese.

Since I was working in the company only for two months I must say that the feeling of a small lack of wider knowledge about each other was sensible from both sides, but despite this fact the most was taken. I was given different tasks in order to create a variety in the work environment and since some of them were requiring more time than was planned according to the agreement, I had an opportunity to choose between them and make personal decisions what left a positive mark in terms of evaluating the company.  

Moreover, I was welcomed with the interest in my culture and professional background that created a warm atmosphere in the workplace and intellectual connection with the colleagues. Therefore, that deepened my shaped understanding of potential workplace in a foreign country and in general.

I am very thankful for the possibility to have this experience and gain more knowledge.




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