Internship at PKF Italia S.p.A, Verona

Agne Povilaikaite

My Erasmus+ experience lasted 12 months and all of them I spend in Italy (5 months at Padova University, 4,5 months at Bologna University and 2,5 month in PKF Italia S.p.A.). This period was the best in my life and Italy is the country in which I would like to spend more time. For this reason, after my master degree graduation I started to search the internship here and PKF Italia S.p.A. was the company in which I did Erasmus+ internship in auditing field.

Auditing was new field in my career so at the first week I was participating in courses organized by this company in order to get more information about principles, documentation, planning, local and international regulation of auditing. Later I was involved in practical activities – during my internship, I was working with 4 clients in three different cities: Milano, Verona and Padova. Speaking about my daily activities, one of my main works was to verify financial records and statements in order to ascertain that all transactions are in compliance with federal regulations. Moreover, I was doing the analysis of purchasing and selling – I had to check documents in the whole process how the goods reach a client or how materials arrive from a supplier in order to be sure that the information in different documents is the same. Moreover, another work for which I was responsible for – financial statements preparation for the manager who used this statements for making an analytical review about the client.

I am satisfied with this experience because I had a chance to work with really good team which tried to involve me in different kind of activities. Moreover, working in the clients offices I had an opportunity to participate in meetings that gave me a better understanding about the business. This internship also let me to improve my English and Italian languages skills, which are an invaluable asset for my future career. And the most important thing – during these 2,5 months I discover that auditing is the field in which I want to make my professional career.



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