Internship in Pilsen, Czech Republic

Mohamed Zakarija Belmehdi 

I would like first to express my gratitude for the Erasmus+ internship program for the amazing experience that I had twice in Pilsen, Czech Republic. I was a trainee at Department of Political Science in West Bohemia University on both occasions, once as a student and another time as recent graduate.

The Department of Political Science, offer a golden opportunity for young researchers, when I was a trainee, I’m was given a lot of opportunities but the most that I enjoyed is writing an academic article for the purpose of publishing, I was surrounded by nice people like my mentor and coordinator Martina.

It was a chance for me to learn about a different country lifestyle, how things works, meeting new people, new perspectives, new ideas.

I’m thankful for this opportunity, and if I will have it again I will definitely take it.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience, I would like to thank both VDU and ZČU for guaranteeing me such opportunity, I highly recommend this internship for trainees and young researchers.

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