Internship in Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Norway is the place, which I wished to visit for a very long time. So, when the opportunity to do an internship in Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) came by – it was a dream come true.All four months (from February to May), which I spend in Norway were full of challenges, pushing the boundaries, travel to the fullest and establish life-long friendships. What most of the central Europeans lack in working environment – the sense of team, emotional intelligence and common goal establishment, are present in Norway.

Every day work in the laboratories was rewarding, because I got research skills, which will keep on pushing me further.  It is liberating feeling to observe top-notch researchers and their day to day life in academic environment, because it is so different from usual Lithuanian environment. Being a Master student in Norway means to be capable to lead your own little peace of research, which could become a trampoline to very bright engineering future. NTNU is very entrepreneurial place, where every student can develop new ideas and expand the limits of technology.

Gerda Vaitkūnaitė

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