Internship at NewMark Finance communication agency in Frankfurt

Eglė Kryžanauskaitė

One year ago, I graduated from the Vilnius University, where I obtained Bachelor’s degree in political sciences. During my studying years I tried myself in different fields of public sector, however, I always felt that private sector is something way different and it must be tried as well. What is more, during my previous internships in public institutions I realized that it is quite too slow, one is not able to grasp a difference/change one is willing to make. Therefore, I chose to make my Erasmus+ graduate internship at NewMark Finance communication agency in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The work at NewMark agency is done within two main areas – employees deal with finance communication and public relations of clients (mostly banks and other financial institutions), while the other section of the office focus more on the initiative “Frankfurt main Finance” that represents the leading financial center in Germany and the euro zone. During my internship I worked at corporate communication section, where I could get to know a bit of all. My daily tasks included monitoring and reporting of local and national media, building the new data bank, helping other employees, attending relevant events.

My love story with Frankfurt started three years ago when I came here for my first Erasmus semester. After one and a half years I came back for another semester. Now I came back for the internship. It must be obvious that this city grew on me quick and that I can easily imagine myself living here in the future as well. When people ask me, why I like it here so much, I cannot name one main reason, it just feels very good – city is compact, extremely bike-friendly, international and always has something to offer. It is big, but one can walk everywhere, it is international, but the German culture prevails, it is very urban and has a beautiful skyline, however the number of parks, green areas and the river side allows one to relax and enjoy free time in the nature. Frankfurt, as said by the Managing Director of Frankfurt Main Finance Hubertus Väth, is the world’s smallest global city, and I could not agree more.

My time here is about to end, however, I am confident that this is not the last time I get to live in this beautiful city. I am very happy that I got the opportunity to try myself in the field of finance communication, this is another piece of my long, albeit exciting, self-exploring and career-choosing path.


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