Internship at Marketing and Communications in Coworkation company in Barcelona

As a recent graduate from Klaipėda University, Faculty of Social Sciences and being a former Erasmus+ participant I decided to take it all from my studies and applied for internship at the Coworkation start-up company located in Barcelona.

The present   Now I’m looking to the notebook, it’s a gift from Coworkation. Meanwhile the unforgettable experience clouds passes by my visual memoirs. ‘‘Life is short… Work somewhere Awesome!’’ – say’s the cover of the notebook, so was the past 5 months journey saying and fulfilling me with this approach that I’m going to follow for my further down the road.

What is Coworkation?   In a nutshell Lithuanian’s would describe them as event’s organization company. Well, It’s much more… Co-working and vacation elements mix that contains inspiring people in inspiring places doing inspiring things. Bali, Thailand, Barcelona, Cape Town, Tuscany and more exotic corners of the planet Earth. For all the Entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, startups, location-independent workers or just people looking for inspiration. But the most unique concept is to get out of your head and into nature in the luxurious rural retreat while forgetting monotony work from 8am to 5pm and follow the concept where your workspace is not confined to an office desk!

How it all started?   First of all as a bachelors graduate with a last semester internship experience at Economical sector I realized that this sphere was not giving me much passion. Hence I found Marketing as a good option, since I always liked it, just needed experience. This is where Partners4Value came and lent me a helping hand. Few months later I was first time alone in my life in the middle of the architectural and cosmopolite cultural cradle Barcelona achieving life experience points and pursuing my career competences in Marketing and Communications field.

Catalonia, Barcelona. Gracia.   Small streets, mandarin trees, Catalan flags and the most happy and non-conflict dogs that I ever seen! Just a few attributes of authentic Catalan cultural cradle Gracia. While spending my days in the most vibrant, artistic and eclectic neighborhood of Barcelona I didn’t realize how soon I felt in love with this bohemian area. Endless dances and parties during day – gatherings and entertainment in this lively territory including the street musicians and performers was satisfying cultural shock compared to the place I used to live.

New beginning & Poble Sec.   As the time passed I was missing nature and young people environment more and more. Thus during CoLiving event of Coworkation’s I found Poble Sec. Area well known of it’s rich nature around with parks, best tapas bars in the city and most famous Monjuic mountain around. Moving in there wasn’t a fence decision, I met wonderful people with free-thinking mindset that became my friends and finally I got a view to the outside, not through the window, but even better – the terrace! Yes, having a window in Barca is kinda sing of the luxury.

Back to the internship and skills.   At the same time I was living in Barca during the weekends, I had to be doing my internship tasks during the weekdays. If Coworkation was my second family, my workplace and second home became Transforma BCN – creative, artsy and good vibe environment surrounded with over 50 people of rest of world each working in different disciplines. Free snacks, café/tea, Ping-Pong humble battles, yoga/stretching sessions between work, catchy workshops and always smiling people asking ‘how are you?’. Was good to be part of this community. Nevertheless It wasn’t necessary to go to Transforma every day or follow a strict schedule as I mentioned in the beginning – job had to be done anyways. Sounds like a piece of cake? Wasn’t. Well, with all the freedom you get – the big responsibility comes. That’s how I learnt a lot about: planning, organizing and time managing, being flexible in different situations, independence, decision making and self-motivation. Generally, my responsibilities during the internship were changing, I improved and learned much stuff including: social media and email marketing, website managing (creating/editing, designing), event managing communications and assistance, working in teams – brainstorming ideas etc. and other administration work. On a personal level I feel more self-confident and emotionally intelligent.

Goodbye, Barcelona…   Over my last week we took off to the Inspiration Week event, that was located in Monestir de Sant Salvi one the most stunning nature’s in Catalonia surrounded by mountains. Archaic gothic style monastery that brings you to 13th century. Two weeks of inspiration, creativeness, workshops, activities and meeting people, while recharging your batteries. My role included in assisting on the event and daily basis tasks. Even though I extended once my internship in Barcelona to be able to join the event, after 5 days it was time to go home. I must say this place and time in there have really cut the mustard.

Every time our paths crosses with different people, we take some part of them and they take some of ours. On the one hand it’s a pity on another that’s life. Generally It was a super nice journey to have and now when I came back home I see that things here are still the same as they used to be, the environment, the people, but something’s changed and I thinks it’s me. I grew up. I’m still growing. This internship is going to have a significant influence to my mindset and experience point of view as much as it helped me to fulfill my professional goals it gonna help me to create and achieve new ones.

Travel, explore, discover, share & keep on dreaming!

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