Internship in the Lithuanian Embassy in the Netherlands

Greta Giedraitytė

I participated in the Recent Graduate traineeship programme for a 4 month period in The Netherlands. I was a trainee in the Lithuanian Embassy in The Netherlands. This embassy is not only surrounded by many international organizations, but also organizes many cultural and other events. I had the opportunity to carry out many different tasks, including citizen services, event organizing, conferences, data processing, information systems management, problem solving, translation, archiving, and others.

This period has given me a lot of new opportunities. Not only did I learn new things, but I also found out that here in The Hague, there is about a thousand interns just like me, who are planning for a bright future and are scared. I discovered new qualities in myself, such new strengths and a sense of determination. I also met many peers that taught me a great deal about work and life equally. I learned how to be patient with others and how to ask for help without feeling stupid. On the other hand, I learned when to stand my own ground and when to keep my mouth shut.

It has been a great growing up experience, which at the same time was a lesson to not be in a hurry to grow up, but to continue exploring my choices and opportunities. Overall I think that I have become a more mature person because of this period and that I have learned many new skills.










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