Internship in the Lithuanian Embassy in France

Karolina Paprečkytė

​The internship in the Lithuanian Embassy in France was an amazing opportunity to challenge myself in international environment and to adjust my knowledge gained in Vilnius university. I applied my French language skills while translating various documents from French to Lithuanian and from Lithuanian to French. However, my main responsibility was to do press review and to analyze French international politics (the country‘s relationships and point of view to international affairs). I also attended in briefings in French Ministery of Foreign Affairs, National Assembly, Senat and various conferences on topics related to the current situation in Europe and the world.

Since this year Lithuania is celebrating its 100 years of independence, I had a chance to participate and to help to organize various events in Paris, such as Lithuanian cinema retrospective in Cinémathèque française (where were introduced works by S. Bartas, K. Vildziunas) or concert of pianist Muza Rubackyte.

My supervisor in the embassy was very friendly and helpful. The whole atmosphere and collective are pleasant and I could get acquainted with various jobs done by Lithuanian diplomats.

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