Internship in Italy

Mariam Kanchaveli

What else could be better place for my internship after leaving Vilnius – the city of never ending freezing winter, rather than south Italy – the land of hot weather, spectacular nature, rich culture, super-friendly people, delicious food and most important – the homeland of high fashion. – the one and only company in Sicily working for high fashion sphere – that was my host and second home for the previous 8 months.

Despite the fact that I arrived there with my minimal experience and competence about fashion, small team including other interns, accepted me like a family member, showed initiative to teach me everything and consequently my sense of fear and stress disappeared immediately.

The first half of my internship included writing and covering daily news and significant stories about fashion-world, trends and persons. Given the fact that the magazine is digital, I used to work in WordPress system that significantly developed my skills for online working. During the fashion week periods I was involved in communication process with the press offices and representatives of different brands and designers.




Attending Dolce & Gabanna show in Palermo

During the second half of the internship I have been moved to another room of the company – the place of the photo shootings. The company collaborates with the different shops of the luxurious clothes and products and our small team was working for these shops’ web-sites and catalogues for e-shopping. During this process I was assisting the stylist, model and photographer on the shooting-set as well as organizing and describing in online system all the products arrived weekly for the shootings. My responsibilities also included communication and dealing with the head offices of the client shops.




Apart from the technical skills for working in different online programs and acquired competence and knowledge in high fashion, definitely new friends and human relationships were one of the most valuable achievements in Palermo. And finally – thanks to this internship today I understand and speak the world’s unquestionably most beautiful and romantic language – Italian.

The happiest moment? – when my bosses offered me to stay and work with them as an official employee after completion of my internship-period.

…And if you ask me to sum up shortly these past 8 months, I would answer – the most incredible and amazing period of my whole 27-years-long life !



Zoemagazine team




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