Internship in Italy

Giedre Czepla

This year I had one of the most wonderful and memorable summers which I spent in Italy doing a postgraduate internship. I spent my summer working 3 months in an International Bookshop Koinè which is in Sassari, in the city of beautiful island Sardegna. My main task was bookshop management with reference to sales, book orders and customer relations. Moreover, I cooperated in organising various cultural events.

It was my first working experience abroad, so for that reason I was a little bit stressed about going there and working all 3 months in a foreign language. But when I went to the workplace for the first time, all my insecurities were gone immediately. All the crew working there, the bookshop staff together with other interns, was really friendly, willingful to help and explain everything. They welcomed me very warmly and for that I felt there like at home since the first moment I entered the bookshop.

The Erasmus experience provided me professional, as well personal benefits. Thanks to the internship in Italy, I significantly improved my Italian language skills and acquired a new professional skills, which I think will be really helpful to my future career. I had a perfect opportunity to improve my soft skills such as adaptability, problem solving, curiosity etc. I gained not just valuable working experience, but most of all cultural experience. Living and working in a foreign country I had a chance to meet new people from all over the world, to know and experience other cultures, to travel and see a lot of unknown places for me and to enjoy the precious moments given every day. For all this, those 3 months in Italy will always stay memorable and appreciated.


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