Internship in Italian National Research Council

Odeta Taujanskaitė

After my Master’s graduation (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) I have spent the Erasmus+ traineeship in Trieste (Italy) for 3 month. I was doing my practice in Italian National Research Council, Institute of Materials. My traineeship was focused on bacteria strand identification with Raman spectroscopy.

During traineeship I had an opportunity to work with biotechnological tools. Also I had a chance to see how scientists work with their projects and students on the topics for final thesis. I had very friendly collaborative colleagues and professors. I noticed that Italians are very friendly, talkative, helpful and nice people. Also I was traveling a lot and I saw how wonderful country is it. I had a chance to feel hot weather (45  ͦC), swimming in Adriatic, Tyrrhenian seas, visit the other cities and countries around Trieste.

Summing up, I want to say that every practice, journey and different culture give an invaluable experience which helps in the future career and whole life. Now I feel more self-confident, independent and have a passion to travel. With my positive and open-minded view I am trying to encourage others to take an Erasmus program opportunity and go to another county to improve yourself.

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