Internship in Italian Adhoc, Milan, Italy

As a recent graduate from Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics, I had an opportunity to do an internship for 6 months (from september to february) at market research company Italian Adhoc, Milan, Italy. And it was the best half year in my life!

The Company is very small. Here is working two italian person and they always have trainees from Lithuania. So I did internship with other Lithuanian girl. Atmosphere in the office was very friendly all the time. We were like a small family.

The work was very dinamic. Every day was diferent. I had take care for preparing focus groups work and clients (italians or International). Also I assisted during projects of product testing. Italian Adhoc is doing projects in diferent cities in Italy. So I had opportunity to visit Rome. In November I visited The Market Reasearch Show together with Italian Adhoc in Cologne, Germany.

During internship I learned a lot of things but the main are that I improve English and Italian language skills, to control stressful situations and also to work in two projects in the same time.

I am very happy that I got opportunity to do internship in my dream country. I never regret for this decision. I have given all my heart for this internship. So in the end, I got invitation to stay to work in this Company.

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