About internship in Institute of Telecommunications, Porto

Liudas Duoba

As a PhD student, I was looking for a minimum of 2 months of internship/traineeship in abroad science institutions. I was looking for the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in computer networks and software-defined networks fields. I have found and started the application process with 4 institutions which, I found, have the most similar background and research topics.  

I was accepted to complete my Erasmus + traineeship in Institute of Telecommunications branch in Porto, Portugal. This is a private, not-for-profit organization, of public interest, a partnership of nine institutions with research and development in the field of Telecommunications.

There I had two mentors who were very skillful scientists always willing to help, share their knowledge on the results of my research and pointing to try out new techniques of analysis. Furthermore, I could always discuss other topics that were not related to the research which led us to maintain friendly relations.

During my internship, I was working in the research team which was looking for a solution to improve real-time characteristics of communication over IEEE 802.11 networks. As Industry 4.0 paradigm is coming very fast, our research also was focused on that and more specifically on industrial network applications.

During my internship period not only I had an opportunity to apply my theoretical and practical knowledge obtained in Vilnius Gediminas technical university and deepen insights in that, but also get new skills and knowledge I never had before.

This traineeship has helped me to improve not only as a professional in the field of ICT science but also as a person who is now more self-confident, responsible and ready for new challenges.


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