Praktika GRAS architektų studijoje Ispanijoje

We have so many different ways how to live. I would like to introduce the road of my six months’ life. It was full of everything – so intensive, so creative and productive.

Just recently I came back from Palma, Spain. For the half of the year I was working as an architect in the GRAS architecture office (Guillermo Reynes Architecture Studio).

The company was not so big, with multicultural and friendly people, so it was easier to get know with each other and discover new things not only about working experience but also cultural things. We were like a family – taking lunch and coffee breaks all together, celebrating birthdays.

During my internship I was working with four projects. First one was four single houses in Mallorca. It was not so difficult for me, so we finished very quickly. Second project was competition in Norway. We had only two weeks to make that project. So it was so intensive and stressful. What I learnt from that project is how to work in team and how to share works. The last project for me was the most important, because I made everything by myself and presented my proposals to clients. I prepared three options of different apartments and all of them were successful.

To sum up everything, I am grateful for this opportunity. Now I am more self-confident and have so many ideas how to live and enjoy!


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