Internship for recent graduates in Slovenia

Tina Bondarenko

It is only two weeks since my internship has finished and I have returned home, but since my internship started, I was wishing that it would never finish. This time was the second time I was going to Ljubljana, Slovenia for Erasmus+ exchange program and I am feeling that it will be never enough of this country! It is just wonderful! Not only just nature, but also quality of studies and friendliness of local people, who are always willing to help you. Nearly everybody was able to speak English, there was no feeling that you are a foreigner and I felt like home. This time I was returning to my second home. I was doing my internship for four months in one of the greatest research groups working in electroporation field, Laboratory of Biocybernetics based in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Main tasks of mine were literature search, planning experiments and working in the laboratory, and finally analyzing experimental data. Even though there was a routine in every day – it has never been boring because colleagues were always very friendly, supportive and willing to help to answer any question I have had. During this internship I expanded my knowledge in the topic of electroporation, also improved my practical skills in the laboratory and for sure improved my English language. Overall, I have enhanced my professional skills, personal characteristics and now I am more concentrated in reaching my further goals in chosen career pathway. For sure I did not miss the opportunity to travel on the weekends to countries next to Slovenia or just doing day trips somewhere around Ljubljana with my new friends. Travelling has become my hobby number one during last two years and Erasmus+ program helps a lot in doing this! Last four months I have been doing two things which are the most important in my life: working the job I wanted and travelling around. But all of this would never happen without going outside of the comfort zone. I was very scared going for the first time away from home, I was afraid being totally alone in the foreign country. Only thing which I forgot, that there are people around us who are just the same, we just need to give them a chance to get to know you and they will become a new family not only just for the period of Erasmus+ program, but also after it finishes. After having international experience as exchange student, I can proudly tell that I have friends all around the world! I wish anybody who is considering going abroad for a semester or internship never feel scared or afraid, you must grab your chance and just go for it. What can go wrong?

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