Internship experience in Tallinn

Neringa Mažulytė

I would like to start with one personal thought that for me everything has started quite long ago. Well, of course I’ve studied medicine and since the first year of my studies I’ve knonw that I want to specify in the challenging field and I found neurosurgery as the one I was looking for. For me it connects precision, aesthetic and the feeling that I’m really doing something important (working with my hands). And what can be more interesting and more beautiful in human body than brains? Now you know why I’ve chosen Neurosurgery as my subject for Erasmus+ traineeship.

When we come to Estonia and Tallinn… I fell in love with this city almost 9 years ago when I visited it the first time in my life. And I had a promise that I’ll be back here someday. Maybe that’s what has leaded me here again. Also I’m very happy and thankful that I was accepted to do my internship at North Estonia Medical Centre (NEMC). Neurosurgeons here are wonderful doctors and professionals at their job. I had a possibility to broaden my knowledge, improve my skills and get to know more about Estonian health care system.

NEMC is one of the biggest hospitals in Estonia and the biggest hospital in Tallinn. There are two main neurosurgery centers in the country – Tallinn and Tartu – and both are of equal importance. Experienced and young doctors including residents work at the department all together in a friendly and helpful atmosphere. They seem to be quite relaxed and happy about their job. I participated at everyday meetings, discussed neurosurgical cases, worked with patients, assisted doctors at surgical operations. Also I had opportunity to broaden my knowledge in pediatric neurosurgery as my supervisor also deals with pediatric cases.

Everyday life here in Tallinn is quite similar to the one I had back home. I mean you can find the same shops and brands here and even some products with Lithuanian labels. But you rarely hear Lithuanian language around and I missed this a bit. But I improved my English skills and learned basics of Estonian. Knowing Russian language is also a useful aspect if you’re thinking to come to Tallinn as around one third of citizens are Russian speaking population.

All in all, I’m happy a lot that I had this possibility to go for internship to Tallinn. I’ve improved myself both as professional and as a person. I’ve met new people who have taught me a lot and showed new perspectives in life. I’ve found wonderful places and beautiful things. I’m leaving Tallinn and Estonia but I’ll keep it in my heart till the next time as I fell in love with this city once again. And I already know I’ll want to come back.



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