Internship experience in London

Laura Urbonavičiūtė

I was studying International business and although my studies program was combined from a high variety of different subjects like finance, human recourses, management, I always felt mostly connected with marketing and especially with advertising. It is widely known that it is not easy to find a job that you would really like just after the graduation, so I decided to do an internship first to gain specific experience. I have a traveler spirit so there was no doubt that I will do my internship abroad. It happened to be in London, which is a big, vibrant city with a very multicultural environment.

During my internship period not only I had an opportunity to apply my theoretical and practical knowledge obtained in Business School at Vilnius University and deepen insights in that, but also get new skills and knowledge I never had before. Also, I had an opportunity to deepen both personal and technical skills, which I believe will be valuable for my further carrier. I will be honest, it didn`t help me to realise what I want to do in my life for a living, but it definately help me to understand what I don`t like, which I call a huge success!

Working and living abroad is a great challenge and in my opinion that`s what we should do everyday – challenge ourselves.


living in london



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