Internship experience in one of the most romantic cities – Venice

Simona Kryžiūtė

These months were not the first time of my Erasmus+ exchange studies. I had also done it for one semester during my third year of my bachelor. I really wanted to do postgraduate internship some kind of unique place in Italy. When I was looking for, I found an internship offer in one of the most romantic cities – Venice, in the International Relations Office in IUAV University.
I worked from Monday till Friday as an assistant in the office. My main tasks were to do a revisions of the host partners lists; to manage EU database for mobilities (Mobility Tool); do the drafts of students’ documents such as learning and grant agreements; manage the emails; work on documents’ archive; support and assist the incoming students for visa issues, permit of stay, opening bank account and find an accommodation.
During my internship I used both English and Italian, developed computer and communication skills. When I returned home, I immediately started looking for a job and found it shortly. It was the language skills that were a major advantage in my curriculum vitae.
And, of course, it is worth mentioning that the possibility of living and exploring for about 4 months can only occur once in life. In my spare time, on weekdays, I was exploring Venice itself, and on the weekends I was a tourist in other Italian cities. Although it is worth noting that Venice is pretty expensive city.

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