Internship experience in a tech company in Munich

Aivaras Bončkus

After my bachelor’s degree in VGTU I decided that a good way to kick-start my career was to do a postgraduate internship abroad, since I felt, that most of the internships I’ve been in Lithuania did not provide me with enough knowledge to be a valuable employee.

I started by looking at various international job offer websites, like linkedin, glassdoor etc. I applied for around50different ads in different locations in Europe, of which only 5 of them replied and 3 of them offered me a place in their team. I choose Munich, a old, almost medieval, but rather a tech hub kind of city in South part of Germany, called Bavaria. Bavaria is everything that people know about Germany from media and movies: Oktoberfest, Dirndl, Laderhosen, different kinds of wurst and beer are all there.

Finnaly, I landed in a tech company, called NavVis, which specializes in indoor laser scanning and mapping software and hardware. I was working in Design&Engineering department, building their laser scanning trolley M6. I faced tons of challenges and problems, which I would say, I was not qualified to solve, but now I am 100% sure that I am. I had a normal 40 hour work week with rather flexible schedule, which allowed me to come to work at 12, for example, and leave at 24 if I wanted to. And since most of my colleagues were German, I picked up some words as well.

To summarize, the decision of going to work and live abroad is the best thing I could ever do and I strongly believe this will skyrocket my career as a designer. The procedures, that are required to get there, are not so hard, and the money you spend on accommodation is totally worth it. I am not even starting on the travelling part…

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