Internship experience: If you can dream it, you can do it (or) 6 months experience in southern Spain

Aušra Katinaitė

It is not a secret that most of recently graduated students overcome strange thoughts without knowing what to do next and where to find their place in life. A postgraduate internship abroad is a good way not only to win some time in order to find your way but also to gain international work experience and to improve the skills needed for your future career.

I have decided to do my Erasmus internship because of these motives and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I did my internship in Seville, located in southern Spain, in one accommodation company for international students. I took a place in communication position but I also was in charge of other important daily tasks as system managing, making investigations, etc. I and three more interns were solving issues and creating new projects for the company. Although my internship required to have good English skills, from the very beginning it was really hard to live in a Spanish speaking country without knowing any Spanish. I was totally out of my comfort zone because of the different culture. Under circumstances like these, I started to learn Spanish during my spare time and I still have been doing this! And now, after 6 months, I am able to speak Spanish and I have Spanish level B1!

This is only the beginning, there are a bunch of things that I like about Spain and why I would recommend this country to other students. First of all, it is a perfect place to stop making excuses. It is always sunny and warm so there is no point to sit at home and delay doing something. The weather is always perfect to do all the things that are wanted to do (except siesta time during summer when the temperature reaches 40-45 degrees)! Although it was really important to pay attention and to be professional at work, out of the office hours I experienced Spanish lifestyle and I really liked it! Erasmus life in this city is pretty active, and the whole Andalusian region has to offer many impressive places for adventure seekers! Being the capital of this region, Sevilla is more than 2000 years old and has its deep traditions, from the ancient Roman-Moorish, gothic and renaissance architecture mixture to the traditional flamenco shows on the streets and cozy tapas bars.

To sum up, I would recommend taking the opportunity to go abroad and to gain much more experience than you could ever imagine! If you can dream it, you can do it!

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