Internship experience in Croatia

Agnė Misiūtė

My first encounter with Croatia was in 2017, spring when I went to Zagreb for my medical internship. At first, I was a bit reluctant about my choice – Croatia is not known for being at the highest tops of medicine. However, I really wanted to have my practice somewhere south and where living costs are not too high. After my first week in Zagreb I felt that… I have never been so wrong in my life! Croatia was amazing choice for my internship – people I have met were extremely helpful and friendly, doctors were professionals and they were speaking perfect English (and Croatian was not so hard to understand either), capital was really beautiful, full of nature and greenery and the weather was fantastic – I could not help smiling, as sun was shining almost every day. At the end of my internship I have agreed to come again.
Therefore, I have finished my medical degree in Lithuania and used the opportunity to come as a trainee. I have spent my time in Neonatology department with babies and their mothers, at the end of the second month I was allowed to check babies on my own (at the 3rd day of living healthy babies and their mothers are discharged home), also I have done a little research of more than 150 patients about their breastfeeding experience. The staff liked me so much that I was asked to stay to work. I am still thinking about the proposal.
Besides medical practice, I had loads of fun on my free time – I have traveled as much as possible, was astonished by natural parks and Adriatic coast.
I highly recommend Croatia as Erasmus + destination and I am more than happy to help if anybody needs anything (as in Lithuania, in Croatia you can achieve a lot via friends and acquaintances).


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