Internship experience in Barcelona

Semar Mohamedmohideen Suhail Ahmed 


The experience of living in the Barcelona, Spain for three months help me to gain new experience, new culture, international exposure, tradition and new trends.

We both doing master’s in industrial engineering and management this 3-month internship has helped me to see things in a practical way. Now we are pretty strong in management side which will help for our job proceedings.

The experience has given the potential such as how to do online marketing, how to manage a team as team leader, how to grab a client and make sale. How to work in logistics, how to recruit employees. So, we worked in various management field.

A day during our Erasmus internship consists of:

Going to the office, checking mail and taking presentations for customers. Meeting the clients in direct contact if necessary, promoting company in internet and recruiting interns.

Usually, we worked together with few team members, so it is easy to gain knowledge from others and finishing task on time.

Finally, with experience of Erasmus internship we both gained more positive, personal and professional experience. If we get a chance we recommend our friends to make use of the Erasmus.


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