Internship experience as the External Relations’ Assistant

Gvantsa Kakauridze

Company: Sognando Casa Shop
Role : External Relations’ Assistant
Tasks given : Communicating with potential partners, participation in the exhibitions and conducting negotiations with agents of the industry, spreading information about the company through different online platforms, including writing articles, promoting events.
Despite the fact that I had quite good expectations about this traineeship, I was still kind of skeptical that it would not equip me equip with proper skills I needed, however, the reality over exceeded. One of the best things I learned during my internship is the effectiveness of working in the friendly environment. I have been working on several places in different countries before but I mostly had a feeling that it was someone else’s enterprise and I was just hired to contribute to it. However, attitude from the heads of Sognando Casa and other interns drives you to perceive yourself crucially essential for the company and therefore you put all your efforts in accomplishing all your tasks as you would do in case of own enterprise. There are some many valuable and unforgettable memories that I will never forget. One of the best experiences I got there was participating in the biggest exhibition of tiles in the world – Cersai Fair , where I had negotiations with the heads of different manufacturers of tiles. Except of this, just working in an international environment is incredible. You can find so many and so special friends from various parts of the world that could not even imagine before. I might sound a little bit subjective, but it is impossible not to be, as long as Sognando Casa, which in English means Dreaming House, after a while really becomes a house for us.
Tips for perspective trainees: Sognando Casa Shop permanently recruits interns and any student can apply for it any time of the year.
One of the articles I published about this company and how they handle the business, you can find here:

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