Internship in Embassy

Rūta Kaminskaitė

Getting in the ,,kitchen” of embassy was my dream since high school. If somebody asked me where do I see myself after I am done with university, I would always answer, that I see myself working in embassy. But back then I was not sure what the work in embassy is really all about. So I took this opportunity of “sticking a finger and tasting” what is that like.

I came to Berlin in summer 2017. Since the very first day I felt how much I liked an atmosphere there and later on I could say it is not the only thing I admired. As I worked for cultural attachee I got to mix work with one of my biggest pleasures. I got to take part in various cultural events and also, was involved in the making of some of them.

In the end of my internship I felt really sad that it is only my internship and that I have to leave. And yet, if somebody would ask me NOW where I see myself in my nearest future, I would answer, that I see myself working in embassy. Just now I am sure of it.

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