Internship at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Finland

Augustė Jasiulytė
Although my internship lasted just for two months I can say that I have had a life-changing experience. I was always keen to find out what exactly an Embassy does. From the start of my psychological studies of Norwegian and Finnish at the University of Vilnius, I have had a secret dream to do an internship a Lithuanian Embassy in one of these countries. That’s why I had never particularly looked for a practice place somewhere else. I was so happy when I found out that I was accepted to do my internship at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Finland. Before coming to Finland I was reading Finnish news and practicing my Finnish to dive into Finnish politics before coming to work. 
During my internship, I have learned something new everyday, had the chance to apply my theoretical skills in practice and that was one of the biggest push to stay interested and engaged in my work. I have as well attended briefings and various seminars. I have not only learned a lot about both Finnish and Lithuanian politics, culture, and economics but I had as well to prepare monthly and daily Finnish news. By carrying out these tasks I have improved my translating and language formal writing and formulating skills. I have as well learned to write notes and respond to Lithuanian citizens’ inquiries concerning consulting matters. The colleges at the Embassy were very helpful, answered to all my questions and accepted me into their family.
During these two months, the Embassy had become my home this internship in Helsinki helped me to gain a practical experience as well as make valuable contacts and I can imagine myself working in a diplomatic field in the future. 

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