Internship in Denmark

Inga Kentraitė

I am very happy that I have chosen to participate in this Erasmus+ graduate internship program. I was striving to get to know my profession in every way possible, due to this reason I decided to meet new challenges and push myself into uncharted waters and try out my profession on an international scale. I was always fond of travelling, new and unexplored areas. I was interested in a different culture, therefore it was interesting to look at it closer, which the Erasmus+ program gave me the opportunity to do so. At the same time I also wanted to improve my English verbal skills, which in turn became my biggest challenge – the English language and its use. Therefore, this challenge was accomplished during the internship, using the language in my everyday life.

My internship took place in Denmark, close to Copenhagen, in a small town of Roskilde. Considering the fact, that my internship workplace was 30 kilometers away, thanks to the greatly implemented public transport system, travelling there was a breeze. The internship lasted for 4 months as an accounting intern. My day as an intern was exactly the same as the staff‘s, since I was there for the full work day. Assigned tasks were not difficult, since everything was explained and shown how to do them. My questions were always answered. At the beggining, I was a bit hesitant to do my internship for 4 months, but after a while I got used to it, therefore I am very happy that I chose these 4 months, so that I did not have to leave immediately after I got settled in. This internship program not only gave me international knowledge about my profession, but also gave me the tools to improve my English skills through online courses, which helped me a lot.

A unified reason does not exist, why would I recommend other students, who have this opportunity to take a part in this program, because there are so many of them. I am truly happy about this new life experience, increased circle of connections and my broadened horizons in my profession.


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