Internship at Czech Technical University

Hemant Sonawane

My self Hemant Deepak Sonawane graduated student of Kaunas University of Technology. I would like to share my graduate traineeship experience at Czech technical University, Prague, Czech Republic. I have been to Czech Republic before for my Erasmus traineeship in zlin and Erasmus studies in Brno. But internship at Czech Technical University was one of the best opportunities amongst my all previous internship and Erasmus studies. Because CTU is one of the best Technical university in Czech Republic. My topic for the internship was studying principal of mulib system, image processing, Data acquisition, build of computational models. I have done this internship under the supervision of civil engineering professor. I didn’t have experience in this fields of studies, but I have chosen this topic because I wanted to learn something new. I am actually from Electronics and IT engineering background which was the reason I couldn’t able to meet the requirements of my professors for some tasks. At the beginning of the internship I was working on 3D printers. My task was to assemble 3D printer and print the module that I have design in Tinker CAD software. I manage to do this task in one month. After that I started working on 2nd task which was ANSYS Software in which I have to design same model that I have designed in previous task. But this task was challenging. The software I was using was completely new and I have never ever used it before, but due to help of my professors I managed to complete this task as well. Then the 3rd and last task was related to python programming which was my favourite part of the internship. Because it was related to previous studies. I manage to complete all the task which was given by my host university professors. But because of lack of knowledge I couldn’t able to meet the requirements of my professors. They were expecting much more from me. As this internship topic was something new to me and I did not have any experience in two tasks except the third one. This is the reason that I have taken more time to complete all my tasks. But overall, I would like to say that the experience was really good. I got to learn lots of new things and got a chance to meet such an extraordinary professors. I have also got a chance to visit one of the beautiful city in the world. I would like to suggest this university to all other students out there to come and do internship here. What I experienced was tough, but I have learned a lot from that. I stuck in between various tasks, but I tried it again and again and I got successful in those. It does not matter for me that I couldn’t able to satisfy my professors. What matters is for me I got to learn lots of new things which could be turning of my life in future. At last I would like to say thanks to Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania, Partners4value and CTU for all the supports and help. Because of you only I could able to complete this internship and got such a really good international experience. Thank you so much once again.

Ansys model

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