Rasa Kazlauskaitė

This internship was the biggest adventure of entire my life. Everything was very spontaneous. It was the last month of my bachelor studios then I with my friend decide to go to Erasmus +. We did not have a lot of time so we searched intensely for the companies that accepted two trainees. Then we thought that we would not go anywhere, this company write to us.  We got few task and when we did it’s we were invited to practice for 5 months. Because we got scholarship jus for 2 months, company decided to pay for us for other 3 months.

We went to Ceske Budejovice (Chech republic city situated in south bohemia region). The employee of company helped to us found the living place, explained how to use public transport and helped us in other stuff.

During practice we got separate cabinet. At the beginning of the internship we gain tasks related to the specialty. Later we had to learn how to work with new programs. I choose to learn work with text programing program LaTex. Most practice time I learn and made leaflets, price lists and other documents designs by using this program. The most difficult thing during the whole practice was that in the company was not the person who can explained how to make our tasks so we had to study by using internet.

We worked from Monday to Friday so every weekend we tried to use each hours so we travel a lot. We sow a lot of place, communicate with different people, eat strange food and sow different culture.

I can’t say that this practice change my life but I am sure that this practice allowed me to see and learn a lot of new things. So if you thought to go in Erasmus, do not think too much, just go. If you are scary to travel alone, travel with your friend.

It is better one time to try than 100 to hear.


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