Internship in Czech Republic, Ceske Budejovice city

Greta Railaitė

My main motivation for training abroad was to do traineeship in foreign language, use opportunity to get experience in the field of my specialty (industrial design engineering) and see other countries culture.

Searching of traineeship place was kind of difficult task, because I wanted to go with my groupmate. So we needed two vacancies at the same position. We found practice places almost the last day.

Our traineeship started on October 2nd at Czech Republic, Ceske Budejovice city, FIEDLER AMS company. Our co-workers helped us to find the place where to live. We rented a room in the flat which was 25 minutes on foot from the workplace.

We get office just for two of us. At practice we needed to use our own computers. We had big bright office with very comfortable chairs. At company we had a mentor/co-worker Eva. She helped us to deal all our problems. Our practice was like a job. Five days of the week we work from 8:30 AM to 6 PM. The weekend were free, so we try to spend our time the best way possible. We travel a lot, visit a lot of Czech Republic cities and neighboring countries.

At practice we have done a lot of different tasks. Some of them conformed to our specialty, some of them not. But I’m glad that I got opportunity to learn new things and got new skills. I recommended FIEDLER AMS company for other specialties students such as: programmers, graphic designers, marketing specialist.

In general I’m really happy that I went to this traineeship. I learned new things, met interesting people and saw a lot of amazing places!





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