Karolina Mukauskaitė 

Travel and internships are two things that many students aspire to cross of their checklist before starting a career. It was my goal too. So when after graduation I got an opportunity to do an internship at Marine and Environmental Research Lab (MER) in Cyprus I took it without a doubt. I was a part of MER team for 4 months. I got involved in many activities during that time. I assisted in field trips, carried out laboratory analysis of marine water and sediments samples, learnt to identify species of Mediterranean Sea biota, participated in different projects, such as “Preventing a LIONfish invasion in the MEDiterranean through early response and targeted REmoval (RELIONMED)”. I also had an opportunity to take scuba diving course there and see marine life in their natural environment. Besides wonderful experience in the laboratory also had a chance to explore Cyprus and see it’s beautiful nature, blue water beaches, historical places, immerse myself into the Cypriot culture and enjoy the hot Mediterranean weather. In the end, I am very happy that I had a possibility to do an internship abroad because it helped me to clarify my future plans, and gain invaluable experience. I met amazing people during that time as well as developed valuable relationships that might help me to reach my career goals in the future. I am more self-confident now, and I encourage everyone to take an international internship and improve themselves!







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