Internship in „Citylife Madrid“ Spain

Greta Ciūnytė
The very beginning of the internship might be quite disappointing like it was in my case, especially if you are doing a postgraduate internship, but my advice is – do not give up and get sad too fast! Usually, the couple of few weeks are slow and not that well organized, especially if the company is quite busy. Citylife Madrid, the company where I was doing the internship was very occupied, especially in September when I just started. I got scared that I will not learn that much and that I will lose my time and money…
But actually, the secret is to be motivated and initiative yourself and talk with your supervisor sincerely! Then you will learn ten times more than in a usual case when everything is provided for you. 
„Citylife Madrid“ is a very great company for young professionals, providing not only a lot of placements for internships in different sectors but also a lot of benefits for travels around Spain, nightlife, social and cultural activities for everyone working there, so you will never be bored or left aside. 
In my case, I was working with SEO and digital marketing and my initiatives were taking very seriously. Not only that I learned a lot, but also I was able to share my knowledge and be evaluated. It is also a great place to learn about company’s inside communication and how everything is related and connected between departments. 
I think this internship was a very great experience helping up with my career possibilities but also a great opportunity to build up my personal skills and grow as a person. Working with these young professionals from all around the world was a very amazing experience which I recommend to everyone.

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