The Institute for Managing Sustainability_Vienna

The Institute for Managing Sustainability at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration is committed to tackling the societal, political and economic challenges which arise in the context of sustainable development with interdisciplinary approaches in research, education and consulting.

The Institute’s objective is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development at all societal levels (i.e. the individual, corporate, municipal, regional, national and international levels) by developing and applying scientific insight. In so doing, we combine theoretical and applied research in interdisciplinary research projects conducted by national and international teams. Strategically, we work towards the long-term establishment of research areas in which a series of theoretical and applied research projects enrich each other. We thus secure the continuity (both regarding contents and personnel) that is necessary in order to develop and sustain international networks, foster academic careers and remain competitive on an international scale.

The Institute is looking for a trainee that is very fluent in spoken and written English and ideally with some editorial experience.

Internship start dates are October, 2016 or January-February, 2017.

Interested candidates shall send their CVs to


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