My hostel management internship in Barcelona, Spain

For the past 3 months I was intern in Garden House Hostel, located in natural and peaceful area of Barcelona, Spain. Hostel itself welcomes the guests from all around the globe, no matter what age you are. It helps to immerse yourself and explore Barcelona in local lifestyle, which is probably the best way to experience the city.

The main tasks of internship was providing assistance for hostel manager, planning and organising group arrivals, providing commercial information to customers, day-to-day processing and input of group reservations while following hostel reservation policy, liaising with other departments and of course assisting the Front Office as required.

All these 3 months helped me to get knowledge of business projection, organisation and management, different manners, methods, principles of strategies formation and evaluation of alternatives, applied effectively managing and solving the problems of organisation management, information activity, marketing, solving tasks of critical situations identification and their solution. As well competences such as: active listening, speaking, service orientation, focus on people, time management and critical thinking, were gained.

Throughout internship period in Garden House Hostel I experienced a lot of different emotions, feelings and moments. New adventures, passions, experiences, memories, contacts, new people in my life, deeper personal development, independence, new skills, competences and a lot more. All this and much more was experienced during the internship process. 

This internship was incredible experience and i’m sure that everyone not should, but MUST try the opportunity of being an intern, as it helps to explore, dream, discover and what is most exchange Your life! 

I strongly believe, that this internship will not only be the professional entry for my CV, but as well a strong step into the future career!

By Sandra Rimavičiūtė

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