Fourth Erasmus experience: an internship of research assistant at KWR Watercycle Research Institute, The Netherlands

When I was studying bachelor I decided to go to Sweden as an exchange student at Lund University. I enjoyed it so much that after it followed an Erasmus practice at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Later on, I performed an internship of nine months duration at Wetsus – European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology. It resulted in successfully written master thesis of Environmental Engineering and scientific article. During the internship at KWR Watercycle Research Institute I investigated the competition effects in iron and manganese removal from groundwater by rapid sand filtration. I performed batch adsorption experiments with a range of materials including anthracite, iron and manganese hydroxide coated sands under variable experimental conditions. This internship was challenging and for this reason an extremely interesting. Thanks to the Erasmus I achieved a lot cultural, linguistic experience and valuable academic knowledge and skills. I am sure that all this experience will help me to apply acquired capabilities in my professional career or further studies in the future.

Performing practice or studying according to the “Erasmus“ mobility programme is a unique opportunity filled with various challenges, which later becomes into lasting memories. If you have the motivation I strongly advise you to be brave and dare to accept an “Erasmus challenge“. Believe me, once you try, you want more…

All the best,

Raimonda Buliauskaitė

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