Feedback about WFL Publisher Science and Technology

Ketevani Buliskeria

Feedback about WFL Publisher Science and Technology

I feel grateful to get the Erasmus + mobility grant for my internship in Helsinki, Finland. I had an opportunity to gain some practical experience in the management and work in group, in this field is very important experience and I am too lucky get it with people from different country in.

There are some many innovations in this field that require specific knowledge and practice. I think that an internship is extremely valuable to a recent graduate. It helps you to reinforce the knowledge, responsibility, drive and ambition.

I spent 6 months in a small publisher company which is founded in Helsinki. My mentor was very helpful and friendly person; he even advised some places where I could stay for cheap price in Helsinki this is very important because it’s one of the expensive city in Europe.  Regarding the internship itself I learned how to work on improving the communication skills, leadership skill and how to manage work. First of all, I want to mention about work style of Finland, it’s very different from my experience before. They are using working 8 hours very useful and I used to work like this also. I think I will use this experience very nice in my country.  

The most important part for me that I enjoyed the most during my internship was the researching and analyzing processes in management. After 2 month I had other trainees and I was leader of group, I was office manager of this company. There are small group but they have big experience and knowledge. Company WFL Publisher had project about renewing all journals, logo of company, website of company and communication with international organizations. I was involved in negotiations with international organizations because I had I had experience in this case and I used my knowledge.  My work in this company was very successful for me and for WFL Publisher too, because they got good results from negotiations and I got good experience. I am thankful to this opportunity work in Helsinki in amazing city in small company where each worker fills very comfortable.

Overall, I am satisfied with my internship and the skills that I acquired. I highly recommend this organization to potential trainees.










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