Feedback on my internship experience

 Vahan Chilingaryan

Finally my internship is over. I am glad to inform that this was an incredible experience for all the life. Due to the ERASMUS+ Program I had chance to improve both my professional experience and personal competences. I did my traineeship in Strasbourg, France in the company DAHIN Transport. The specialists of this company shared with me all their professional knowledge and made me better. Due to those specialists I saw how the theory is used in practice.

DAHIN Transport is a French company which provides transportation and logistics services both in France and throughout all the Europe. Communication becomes one of the main activities of the company that helps to find new partners, customers, manage the public relations, crisis communication, and promote the campaign. DAHIN Transport itself is not a big company, so this gave me a possibility to adapt to small business environment and made my working skills more flexible. Additionally, one of my main objectives was to acquire more experience and knowledge in communication sphere which is directly related to my future goals – as my career ambition is to become a specialist of communication in an international company. During my internship I studied and analyzed the communication between different stakeholders and the influence of communication on the business when dealing with different cultures. Using all the theory in practical environment was a big pleasure for me. Furthermore, working in a different socio-cultural environment significantly developed my intercultural communication skills. Meeting with various international people enlarged my cultural understanding. Moreover, working in DAHIN Transport was not only learning and working process, but also a huge chance to broaden my personal horizons. Becoming a member of a small family of DAHIN Transport, I got a chance to communicate not only with real specialists of communication and be an active participant of activities of a real company, but also acquired their knowledge and professional experience. I do believe that expanding the contact list with important and influential people will be beneficial for my future career. Working in DAHIN Transport helped me to evolve my skills in the sphere communication and organizing. Within communicating I advanced my communicational skills, as well as my English level.

My goal was to gain knowledge and experience in France that would be a big contribution into my future career in the sphere of communication when I be back to Armenia. Now I can say confidently, that I did it due to the ERASMUS+ Program.





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